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Eric Chiu


Google Anti-Diversity Memo: Fired Engineer Wants To Sue, But Faces Hurdles

The controversy surrounding the firing of former Google engineer James Damore over an internal diversity memo took another turn late Tuesday, as Damore officially filed a formal complaint with the National Labor Relations Board due to his dismissal from Google. It’s also the latest legal move for Damore, who publicly said he wants to take the search giant to court.
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5 Reasons Why Nintendo Canceled The NES Classic

When Nintendo last year released the NES Classic — the $60 reissue of its original Nintendo Entertainment System console — the retro reboot immediately became a must-have holiday item. Stores were regularly out of stock, and consoles that got purchased often made it to the third-party seller market at substantial markups.
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Virtual Reality Park The Void Offers Unique Take On VR Experience

As popular as virtual reality headsets are right now, it doesn’t take long to hit the technology’s limits. Features like 360-degree video and games are a decent gateway to VR for most people, but much of the time, they’re often closer to extended tech demos. But what if a VR experience could get expanded into an actual VR world?
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Apple iPad Pro Review

In person, the iPad Pro is big. This tablet computer is much bigger than you'd expect, and it feels even bigger when it's in your hand. On the inside and outside, Apple's latest entry to its tablet lineup is an impressive model that takes advantage of this extra size, though it's not a convenient starter tablet for beginners.
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Alienware Area 51 Review

Dell offers several customizable configurations for the Area 51. Our review unit was built close to our selected configuration but relied on three NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards versus a dual GTX 970 setup.
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Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

The Oasis’ display carries over much of what's worked on past Kindles. The reading interface is cleanly laid out, and it is easy to browse through Amazon's menu screens and your eBook library. As with most eBook readers, the Oasis doesn’t have the processing speed and responsiveness of a full tablet, but functions like page scrolling and dictionary searching work reasonably quickly.
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Intern Deluxe: The Rise of New Media Fellowships

My first unpaid media internship was in the summer of 2010. Like most college students, previous semesters spent whiffing on applications made landing one feel like a reward, regardless of pay—I’d move to New York and even have the chance to write (mostly) professionally. The “unpaid” part always loomed, but my friends and I made it work through varying levels of cost-cutting and couch-crashing.
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Les Miles 'will continue to be our football coach,' says LSU AD after hot seat week

LSU will retain head coach Les Miles, athletic director Joe Alleva announced Saturday after a win over Texas A&M, which included Tigers carrying Miles on their shoulders and a standing ovation from fans. "I want to make it very clear and positive that Les Miles is our football coach and will continue to be our football coach," Alleva said.
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Mock plane crash at Flint's Bishop International Airport gives emergency personnel valuable practice

Flames spilled off of the tail and wings of a mockup airplane in the parking lot of Bishop International Airport on Thursday, May 16, as medical officials practiced treating simulated plane crash victims. Unlike a real accident scene, grilled hot dogs were ready for emergency staff once their practice was done. Link to Story

New Generation of Technology Companies Pressing Government for Favorable Treatment

It marks how the political landscape has rapidly shifted for computer and Internet companies, with Washington nonentities of just a few years ago now ranking among the most prominent players in the capital. Link to Story

Unassuming assisted living home caters to veterans

To reach Pleasant Lake Assisted Living, you have to drive past miles of farmland and barren forests in rural Lapeer County. After going onto the side road to Pleasant Lake, there's no sign or parking lot that points to the facility. Link to Story

U.S. Rep., victims highlight awareness of sexual assault

But the speakers also had a shared message for victims of sexual assault: hope. Around 40 people came out to the YWCA of Greater Flint, 310 E. Third St. Monday, April 29, for a “Speak Up, Speak Out” event that focused on increasing awareness about sexual assault. During the event, multiple speakers discussed sexual assault and its impact for communities and victims. Link to Story


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